New bjd outfi: Gothic Lolita inspired

After a few days I already have a full outfit for her and my friend Yuki gave a wonderful wig she had to spare. The color fist her perfectly.

She still has no face up and the body is  not blushed jet. I love her face mold. She has no need for a heavy make up just a natural one. I am a little afraid to attend my first face up but also very exited.

It took  whole day to make her a Lolita inspired outfit. I started at noon and finished by midnight :D  I won't lie, I would like a dress like that myself :D The outfit has all the details:
  • blouse
  • corset skirt
  • petticoat
  • bloomers
  • hairband
  • cuffs
  • purse
  • lace choker
I'm not planing to stop. I hope practicing make outfits for my doll will inspire me to create a whole one for myself :) I'm starting to get a grip on clothes construction :)

Both of me dolls in their fanciest outfits :D


  1. it´s so cute and original ^^.

  2. She's so, so lovely <3

    Looking at the first photo, I mistook her for a real person :D

  3. Beautiful and yes, I would like a dress like that for myself!

    1. :D thanks. Maybe someday I'll be able to make a copy of it in human size XD

  4. That's a really love doll outfit. So much attention to detail! You're really quite talented.

    1. thanks you, well, I try to do my best. You must take your time when outfit has many details. but that is what makes doll outfits look realistic :)