Make up: Wings of the butterfly

It's more bright in reality :) But...

Sparkling green, dark brown and electric blue tones (all from Scarady Cat on Etsy. ) 
The colors:

 Essence black eyeliner as always :) .

But I find the red - orange tones to suit me best. Of course Dee's nuts goes perfect with all of them
It's a lovely golden brown. It's darker in reality. I love it :)

The bad thing is that those little bottles I have can easily be opened in your make up bag by invisible force. So a few times I had to clean my make up bag and all stuff in it from magically sparkling shadows... It was such a lost :(  Not to mention that one time the bottle slipped out of my fingers covering my beloved skirt in wonderful sparkling red... Skirt didn't wanted that shadow, I did! Well, it was easily removed so no harm done for the skirt, but still I hate how they spill so easily >:/ 
I love those shadows :(

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