Red and black is back :D

I do love this color combination a lot. And I wear it a lot too. I didn't had special photos for the start, but here are some from real life :D So it counts, I guess :D

Me and my Mr. Lynx (  :D ) on a BJD lovers meeting. 

The outfit is simple. It was a hot summer day, but still I don't like to expose to much of myself to the sun. The jacket I wear is made from the dress. It was to short. so I cut it a part and now I have a wearable jacket and a short skirt for special occasions :D 
 I'm also wearing this top underneath the jacket :)

Well, I guess this photo also fits for the red and black theme :D

Find it at my Etsy store ;)


  1. What a beautiful couple you two are! Nice idea to cut the dress apart and make two pieces of it. Your choker necklace is beautiful. I will check your etsy :)

  2. So gorgeous!! I love that you two have matching hair.

  3. I will definitely check out your etsy store! Great outfit.

  4. Thanks a lot :) I'm glad you like my work :3
    Yeah, matching hair is kind of fun :D