Modern Lolita and not only

My Red and black Gothic Lolita outfit is ready but there was to bright in the room or is it me who doesn't know how to use a camera. It might be both too :D So, I'll be reshooting the whole outfit. and Probably I'll ask someone for help to be sure the photos will look good :D

Here's a peek. I made it too look like an old photo. The stockings is black/red, the jabot and the cuffs are red as well. The same goes for the bog bow. It has red laces on it ;)

Since I've been playing in Polywore, I prepared a modern Lolita outfit for you. Enjoy :)

Modern Lolita


  1. I love the dress!! it´s do awesome!!


  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the reshoot of your Lolita outfit - it looks so lovely! And OMG. You have THE BEST body, ever.

  3. A beautiful dress. And I love your red zebra-pants, they rock!

  4. Your tattoo is beautiful! I really like the detail with the crown in it. The modern lolita polyvore is nice, especially the dress.