Time has come for second BJD

In 2012 29th of March I placed an order on Luts.com for my first  ball jointed doll (bjd) Senior delf Abadon  <3 After just a month I was noticed that my order was shipped and less then in 7 days my precious came to me :) 

At the beginning. Photo by me :D

Now. Photos by Šarūnas Genys. Please, do not copy them.

Oh, what a happy girl I was. I still am. Bjd is a hobby witch you either like or think that it's stupid and childish. I'm always asked what do I do with it. I don't know...I enjoy myself. Just like some people like to buy expensive vase or a painting. What do they do with it? They enjoy it. The same here. Many times people try to measure the expenses of my hobby from they point of view. But lets not forget that the same things have different value for different people. I would not buy a phone or a computer for 600 dollars. But if I had that sum, I would gladly spend it on another doll. So people usually are like " OMG, you could buy a new laptop" But I don't need a laptop for 600$. I need another BJD :D 
And I've already picked one. This time it's less expensive BJD only about 250$ with shipping. So I decided, that I'll buy her from my Etsy shop incomes. Still gathering :3
I want a Resin Soul Ai. A hooved beautiful girl, who reminded me of a deer. And the moment I saw her I knew that in my hands she will become a Gothic enchanted Lolita deer :3 And since Haru (my bjd) is to cocky to get in relationships with mortal girls, I hope this one will steal his heart. At least a part of it :D 

These legs I adore :>

Beautiful, isn't she??? Photos 

I don't like the custom face up. So I'll be ordering it blank. I'll try to do the face up myself. Shall I not succeed I have a very talented friend, who I hope will help me. You can peek at her dolls here. All face ups are done by her :)
I'm dreaming about all Gotgically dark things I'll make for my lovely deer - girl: hats, necklace, dresses, bloomers and so on :) I'll have to make her deer horns at firs since she comes with satyr horns. At first I was not sure about fur on her tights, bet the more I look at it, the more I like it. Good body blushing is a key to good looks, as a bad can destroy even a perfect sculpt :) I've seen some amazing dolls been wrecked (in my opinion) by terrible blushing and face up. 
Oh, I just can't wait to get here :3 And could you please offer some names that would fit this going to be Dark Lolita beauty. Something sweet but dark ;) Ok? :)


  1. I love BJD <3 I've tried so many times to get a cheap one (because I have'nt enougt money for one like yours T.T)

    By the way, I have an award for you:

    Greetings from Germany!

    1. Well, you can find a lot of cheap bjd here http://www.fashiondoll.nl/ A good face up does miracles even to cheap bjd. Of course the higher the price the better masterpiece you get :) I love my Aby, thought I was surprised how big he was. For example, my friend got 62 cm SoulDoll boy, And mine was 63 cm. But the body looked so much different. Hers was quite slender and slim and mine was proportionality much bigger. :D when I got a wig for him I could not believe the head could actually be so big. But it was :D If I could I would change his body to a 70cm one to make him look more manly. But I do like his younger side time to time. It's bothersome to live with a sexy bishie all the time :D My dream is to have 2 dolls from each of these companies: Soul Doll, Soom, Luts, IOS. I don't know how I would handle them, but oh well. Dreams don't have to be rational :D

  2. She is on my wishlist too ^^ Looking forward to see how you will style her!

    1. Thanks. Ai was a flash wish. I love those delicate hooves so much. And I do like her face sculpt. Although the head could be smaller to have the right proportions, but oh well. I still like her :) I hope to order her till the end of this year. I would never thought I would order another one so soon. happy just thinking about it: :3 Yay!!!! (dance)