Halloween head decoration: Enchanted deer

The night of Halloween is tomorrow. I'll be working late but I'm still hoping to hop in at the local alternative club to relax a little bit. I'll have  a little time to prepare so I planing to use tricks such as my black wig and a head piece I created specially for it:)  The puffy skirt and black jacket will do the rest. And who needs a heavy make up with a heavy hair accessory like this :D

It took about one hour to make it. I had a plain band, lace, ribbons, skull and unpainted little deer horns. I just made bows and then glued everything how I liked it to be :)

The horns and bird skull are made from modelling material that dries in 24 hours. These horns were made for my BJD Haru. But they were unfinished so I thought "what the hell..." and combined them into my  hair piece. I do love those little horns. I have big ones too ;) The bird skull is quite easy to make, but you must be neat or else it will look wrong. Skulls are always perfectly shaped, that's why I like them, but a real skull is something I could not wear. I feel strange wearing a fox fur too. On the other hand I have no problem with leather boots or corsets and stuff...

I bought the wig on Ebay after I was surprised by the quality of the cosplay wig at my friends home.  So I searched  ordered  this one in black.

I always was wondering how those Lolitas had such perfect hair. Now I know :D

It costed ...11$ with shipping so I decided to try and I wasn't disappointed. It was shiny black and full volume wig. The synthetic hair is quite soft. The best you can expect for such price. The curls were really nice but I kinda brushed them of. They were to perfect. But I think you can remake them with hot steam. It's a pity I don't have a wig stand so I can model it only on my own head and sometimes it's hard to handle it.

trimmed the fringe a little since they were way to long and that long doesn't look so good on me. It doesn't look exactly but I like it non less. The problem is that I find this black to perfectly healthy looking. It looks to good. I thinking about ordering another one hat would be brown and shorter. I'd love to wear it on daily bases but I feel I want something more simple ;) or shorter at least. It's hard to handle such a bundle of hair :D

Something like this :) (I love spited color wigs)

or this

I also ordered these shoes from Bodyline.

I'll write a review as soon as I'll get them.

Well, thanks for reading;)


  1. Could you post a link to the ebay seller from which you bought the wig? I'm always looking for cheap and good looking wigs from new sources ;]

    1. http://myworld.ebay.com/zhangguo2011/ I bought from this seller. But I usually pick the wig and search the ebay to find photos of other sellers to see how it really looks.