Vampire Requiem: a gift for myself for being good this year :D

I was bitten by Lolita bug lately and I spend so much time watching outfits it hurts my eyes. Really. I even was told to buy the skirt I want and to stop moaning about how beautiful it is. The good thing is that I can have a replica and I will, cause the real stuff is way to expensive for me. 

And what I want is this Vampire Requiem corset skirt. And I want it in bloody red. I'm ordering it or else I'll dye from gazing at it. I'm  cheering like a child just after saying "Yes,you can have it." to myself. Wait, till I'll get it. Oh, Lolita bug, you'll kill me. 
I know this Lolita bug will withdraw sooner or latter as it always dose (and then will attack unexpectedly again O_O ) But this skirt is a piece that not only Lolitas can wear. Oh, that lovely red and elegant print... It will fit so good with my black stripped jacket.

What can I say, the older I get, the better my wardrobe becomes :D New clothes always makes a girl happy :)
So is there a dress, a skirt or any other piece you dream about but don't allow yourself to have it?
I just did. It feels good :)


  1. I too suffer from an occasional Lolita bug bite. Fortunately, you do a great job of making your own clothing, so you don't have to resort to buying insanely expensive Lolita clothes. I had made the mistake of purchasing a Lolita coat online only to discover it was a horrible Chinese knock off. It was already falling apart when I received it in the mail >.<

    I definitely prefer Gothic Lolita over its more bubblegum counterpart; mostly because I can't wear ice cream cones, ponies and rainbows at my age without getting looks. I also tend to wear more edgy, sexy outfits, and Lolita doesn't combine well with that style lol.

  2. :D well, that's why I chose a skirt with a print. Print is not something you can make yourself. It's not so hard to make a simple skirt with laces and ruffles but to make a print you must know the technique and have equipment for it :) And I love this print. " Vampire requiem" - is there anything else to say. I was thinking about black at first, but then I saw red and decided that more colors will be good for my wardrobe. And it looks so good with black as well as with white blouse :3 I also find attractive the bitter sweet one. It's sweet prints on black fabric. like here http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-rM1U1NORqHA/TxIIIq6yOYI/AAAAAAAAAbY/QehoEEmbZLI/s1600/perfumebottle.jpg I think with right accessories it would look good even for older age :) (I'm 29)

  3. Actually you can design your own print, no equipment required, http://www.spoonflower.com/welcome It's a little pricey, but I might try it out some day. I love the idea of creating my own fabric.

    The Vampire Requiem skirt is very fancy, so I completely understand wanting it :) I like the red a lot. I try to have variety in my closet too. Sometimes if I wear too much black it feels a little blah, so I have bright accessories to give it a little punch. I haven't seen many sweet prints on black before, I like them a lot better than the more pastel ones. Maybe if I see the right one I'll give it a shot. X)

    And I would have never guessed you're 29! I thought you were like 20, you look so young. We're around the same age, I'm 25.

  4. well, that's pricey:)
    Yes, so called bittersweet looks really nice. I might get a skirt to just to see if I can blend it to my wardrobe :)
    And, well you know, blood of innocent boys is good for you looks XD kidding!!!!:D

  5. Lol so true, I need to get me some young blood in my veins.