Obsesed with of Lolita fashion

Lolita fashion can be obsessive for sure. I swore that today won't be any outfits gazing. Guess again... :) I like it so much it hurts. I don't remember when I liked something that much :) If talking about brands, I myself find "Baby, the stars shines bright" the most attractive. The Vampire requiem I ordered is originally their print :) I find many of they models very attractive.

I even thinking about getting their dress for my birthday. I think I'll go with re-owned one. I'm still not that obsessed to pay 300 dollars for a dress. Sorry, I love dolls more and since it cost half  price of a good ball jointed doll, I would pick doll. I already spend half of AI budget on my requiem skirt and shoes :D 
I think I'll be making the skirts and dresses for myself, since I find only the one with interesting prints worth buying. Everything else can be made:) 
I checked Etsy for Lolita stuff and it was strange, that some sellers wanted 200 - 300 dollars for their pieces. Well, yes, the prints were nowhere seen but the luck of nice details made the dress...boring.
And from all blogs I've red I can say, that for 300 doll most Lolita fashion lovers, including me, would choose a brand dress. I don't think it's polite to poke at those sellers since I'm a seller myself, so there will be no pic of those dresses. Sorry :P
Reading lots of good and bad blogs helped me to understand the non-written rules of good coordinating of Lolita wardrobe. I'm not perfect but definitely better then before.

Here some blogs I started fallowing:
I thought there was more but suddenly I can't find them at my list :D

I already fallowing:

I mainly like Elegant Gothic Lolita 

The aristocrat Lolita. Gothic and aristocratic looks sometimes quite similar to me.

and Bittersweet Lolita (on the right).

 I can't help, there is a cuteness spot in me. And those sweet prints in black look perfect :)  I want that kind of dress too. I'll try to coordinate something tomorrow... because it's my day off !! :D

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