Coffee in style

I do really am  fond of coffee cozies. I love the cuteness they have and when I create ones I try to make it like a little out fit for your coffee. Drinking coffee is more a ritual to me. I didn't liked coffee till I was 21. I still remember my first espresso with mom. Mom seemed to enjoy her espresso, so I asked  to order me one too  ( I was 16 I guess) but I didn't manage to drink it even with tones of sugar. Then when I was a student one of my roommates made me a coffee with a real milk. When I say real, I mean the real thing - the fat non treated milk right from the cow and not the one you by at your local shop. It was delicious. From that moment I fell in love with Latte coffee. Also their is good memories combined with this taste. The summer camp and a bunch of coffee maniacs boiling water for they coffee before using the main pot for breakfast tea. Cheering, poring the water into the cups and with relaxing "Ahh..." enjoying their morning coffee :) The morning in Italy at hotel in Desenzano Del Garda, where we stayed after two hard and hot days of long hitchhiking.  The shower was good but the sight of a morning coffee on the breakfast table was magical. The taste was heavenly!  
It's fun to have your own coffee cozy. I like to make them as gifts for my friends according to their personalities:)
Here's some new ones I made for sale. Maybe you'll recognize yourself in them or your friends.

So, got milk for my coffee?? ;)


  1. I made a couple of coffee cozies but mine are so plain, I love yours way better!! LOVE the bats on the first one!!!!!!

  2. Aww! I love everything you do! <3