Day outfit: casual Lolita inspired

Hello hello. Today was may day off. How I love them. I can become a human again :D So, I had a meeting today and that gave me reason to leave my PJ at bed since I sometimes skip the part of getting dressed when I have day off in a week day. That's laziness that imprisones me in my PJ almost for all day. But this time it was different so I had to make myself look good. As influenced by Lolita fashion I'm now so is my outfit  a little bit Loli :)

 It's cold outside so no blouses. I choose a sweeter. It's not so very Lolita but lets call it casual Gothic Lolita, OK?;) Oh, I really need a good petticoat :( I want more puffiness!!!! The puffed skirt takes away the height. And that is good. Let's look optically smaller ;) It's a plus in Lolita (for me).

I think some curls would make a better look. But my hair is so week I'm afraid to use a anything hot. Next time I'll twist them while they are wet and leave them to dry :)

                                                   I snatched this dress at Second Hand shop.

. I'll upgrade it with laces for sure :) and show it on next post probably :) I also checked out the local fabric shop near me and have found some wonderful fabric with beautiful prints :D Can't wait to get them, not to mention they had a lot of beautiful laces to. I'm planing to make myself a nice Lolita skirt :) 



  1. Awesome, I love black and gray stripes.
    And that kitty looks like my kitty!! If only he could sew...

    1. Thanks,black and grey is my favorite stripes for a top :)

  2. Very cute!
    I wish I was a better sewer. ;D