Demonia out of ideas???

I don't know what is these days with me and replicas :) They just keep popping before me.  Like these Demonia boots that reminded me( a lot!!!)  of NEW ROCK boots.

The metal heel, over top lacing and buckles were always the New Rock stuff. Or am I wrong?? It's just not nice. And a little bit sad. To me it's the same as the brand admits that it is out of any new ideas.


  1. Honestly, I didn't like Demonia's orginal style - I wouldn't mind if they branched out to be more like New Rock. :D

  2. Demonia was already copying New Rock - http://www.demonia.co.uk/demonia-steampunk-gothika-200-black-matt-pvc-chunky-heel-knee-boots.html - but this is an even more blatant rip-off. It is sad. Clearly they care more about profit than new ideas... but that's how the business world works. I'm sure Demonia makes a small fortune off these. Lots of people can't afford expensive New Rocks and will buy the Demonias instead. I don't like Demonia boots because they're made of plastic, which I find horribly uncomfortable.

  3. I see... Well, the prices for both pieces are almost the same, so I would be buying leather New Rocks and not fake leather Demonia shoes. I feel like I need another pair of New Rock. They are soooo comfortable.
    I liked the platform heels Demonia had. Newer had ones, but I tried a pair at shop and they felt really comfortable. I saw second handed Demonia heels two days ago... Sadly they were to small for me. oh, what a shame.

  4. New Rock shoes aren't available around here, I've only ever been exposed to Demonia, and I have mixed feelings about them. I have a pair of transformers and I really enjoy them; they're sturdy, comfortable, and have had no signs of wear. Mind you, I've see many Demonia boots that have tanked, where the backs crack apart and the wedges fall off. I was mortified when I tried on their creepers, which look comfortable, but cut your ankles up to shit. I have a pair of Demonia pinstripe wedges which do the same thing.

    I don't care so much if it's leather or not, or the brand, so as long as the shoe looks nice, is comfortable and is fairly durable I'll commit to buy it.

  5. When I saw the thumb I went "Oh, I nearly bought a pair of those New Rocks..." - that's how close they look. I think the Demonia boots have better buckles, but it really isn't very original. Most mass-produced clothes and shoes today ARE derivative - the High Street is pretty much based around cheaper versions of catwalk ideas, but alternative fashion is supposed to be a bit more... original. I'd expect more variation between brands, especially when the brands already have quite an identifiable aesthetic; Demonia are my go-to for PVC buckle-boots and platforms (dominatrix boots as they keep getting called :P) and suchlike, New Rock do chunky and clunky, etc. I know Demonia haven't exhausted the possibilities for platforms and skyscraper heels and PVC, so copying New Rock is a bit lazy.