Day outfit: Casual Gothic Lolita inspired

 So I went to check some fabrics today. The weather is cold and I hate it. My warm coat is at my fathers house and I need to go 300 km to pick it.  It takes 3 hours to go there by train. I think I'll have to do that on weekend, because it's getting to cold with my thin autumn coat. Here's today outfit. 

High collar black shirt, striped shrug, high waist skirt, moss green stockings. I'm wearing a puffy kera punk skirt under this one to give it at least some shape.

The big sleeves can be removed. I made them myself. I would were them if I would go to meet someone at a cafe or other place. But since I was off to do some shopping, it stayed at home. I just wanted to show it to you ;) 

Here's the short sleeves. I'm still thinking should I order the petticoat or make it myself. 

Make up is quite light. I put black shadows on the corners and blended it with dark brown. The hair is simple too. Just two pony tails. I'd love to have some black flowers in it. I'll make something nice and acceptable for me to wear. Bows are just not my type of hair accessory. But I do think that hair accessories complete the look ;)

 One of my purses I have. I think it fits perfect with this outfit.

 There is a bat bow on it. I made it myself and attached with hot glue. I saw the purse on charity shop and decided that I really need it. It's a perfect little light purse when all you take with yourself is phone, perfume, wallet and home keys;)

And here's my today catch. Demonia black faux suede charade.

They need a little bit cleaning  I wanted Demonia charades for long time, so I picked them despite that they were a little bit small for me. I'll try to wear them at home to see if they will stretch a little. I know there a tricks to make shoes bigger. I have real suede heels that were small at first but I sprayed the inner part with alcohol and walked with them at home and they stretched and now a perfect. If these Demonia beauties will do the same, I'll decorate them to look more fancy, if not, I'll try to trade it into something similar :/

"The heel is about 11 cm and the platform is about 5 cm. So the real high of the heel is 6 cm and they are quite comfortable to walk" - that's what I said to the cashier when she asked are they comfortable to wear. She replayed that the running in these still wouldn't be comfortable. I laughed and said that I'm not wearing them for jogging :D She smiled to my answer :)

Thats' all. Thanks for reading :3


  1. Sooo cute! The outfit is gorgeous, I´ve never think of green stockings but maybe I will try. I love the outfit :).

    1. Thanks. Well, I used to have all kinds of stockings. I need to rebuild my stocks :D

  2. I love the path you are taking with your wardrobe. This is utterly adorable, and the sleeves are brilliant.

  3. Oh, thank you. I love to make versatile details that can change outfits just by adding them :)

  4. oh yes, and they are so comfortable. Unfortunately, a little to small :(