Devil Stone or Lithuanian subculture

In the middle of July when sun is hot and weather is beautiful a fest cold Devil stone is held :) (what a sentence :D) I have visited it 3 times and this weekend it will be the 4th time :D I can't wait. it takes 4 days and some of my friends are already building their camps on the camp side but I still have work. It officially starts tomorrow, but I'll be hitting there on Friday. This time I promised my self to stay awake during the nigh since this is the time when the real fun starts. The concerts starts at 5 p.m and continuous till 1 a.m. Then the old school daces take the place and you can dance yourself out to 80 rock hits :D Well, you can read about the fest  here. It's to much to write. Maybe next year you'll want a visit it to. I could be your host :D
Any way, I can't wait to get out from the city and spend tree days in listening to music I like, seeing people I like and having a huge amount of fun :D 

By the way, local exorcists and priest always make a big uproar on this fest. Yes, we still have things like that but they only occur occasionally. When fest like that are held and when Marilyn Manson comes :D It's always fun to read the posts of priests and nuns about the lurking evil, our lost souls and the worshiping of satan by playing evil computer games such as Pockemones XD (I'm telling true). 

Here's some photos from 20011 and 2010 Devil stone. 


Me on the left... with a friend

the camp side 

with a friend

Devil stone  2011

Me und my sister


Stage... Local band. What hair!!! :D

Here's T shirt of this year :)

I'll be going for the black one and cutting the neckline to make it bigger as soon as I get it :D 
I want it to look like this.

Much better :) 
I can't resist to modify it :D 

So, the next post probably will be about my adventures there ;)


  1. Looks like fun! Hope you share lots of photos from this year.

  2. Sounds like fun. And whoa about the priests and exorcists and stuff. Poor Pokemon...Still has a bad rep after ALL of these years!

  3. Nice blog, but have to admit what I really like is the Title Image and Background Image :)

  4. well, thank you :) title image is a photo of one of mine creations. Taken by me too :)