DIY: Gothic frame hooks

So, in one post I have mentioned I bought framed hooks similar to these.

The pictures were not very impressive but I had an idea to change them to fit my taste. So I ripped off the pics, painted all frames in black acrylic paints and with a smallest paint brush I could find I draw a new pic.
And here is the result.

They hang in our kitchen,as you see.

You can have many different variation with these such as

I like this last the most. I'm thinking about making more of them. You can glue your or your friends pictures, paint the frames, glue beads to it or decorative flowers. Glue details like bats, skulls, cameos. Glue something into the frame like tiny cup, parasol or any pendant you don't wear any more. You can put a mirror in, or a love letter. There are many options:)

It's just a tiny details for now. I still want my bloody bath with bloody mat and curtains. A mirror with candel holders in the vestibule and other stuff. But since it's only a second month for us living here we have only posters and my handmade bats.

 As you can see I am a fan of pillows :D Photo taken while preparing for a BJD fan meet :) new clothes end etc. My little boy will be neo East military man or something like that. Lots of black and some red :D

I just learned that Bullet for my Valentine is quite a nice band. All my life for unknown reason I was confusing them for My chemical romance :((( Only when I saw this poster that is now  hanging on our wall, I realized my mistake :/

We got the place absolutely empty, so the first thing on our list was furniture. Now that we got it, we'll do more decorations.


  1. The hangers are absolutely beautiful!! Lovely paintings. You are so creative girl!
    I'm looking forward to see more of your transformation of the new home.

  2. The Idea with those hangers ist very nice.
    I'm also a fan of pillows but most of mine don't fit together :(

    (and sorry if my english is complicated to read because it isn't my native language)