Reality vs expectation

You know, when you go out and you dress up to look all fancy :D? You look at the mirror and think "Oh, I look quite good" and sometimes even "Oh, I look fantastic!!!".But then you go out, have a photo taken and what you see is absolutely not the gorgeous person that was in a mirror before you left...

I have quite some of them :D

It's a nice photo and my friend looks really beautiful, but.. what the F.. I'm doing with that pose O_O
I find myself looking like ...hm.. I just don't  like it. I liked my self in a mirror mush more.

The make up looked so nice but suddenly in the photo I look like wearing non :( ... P.S. The skull pendant  the girl on the right is wearing was my gift for here. You see, it was her birthday party :) 

There exist such photos in which you look better then you think you was looking.

Like this one. I thought my fridge were to short and my hair to red. But, damn. I like myself  here. It was a meeting of youth of our town who study and live in Vilnius now (capital of Lithuania). So I tried to look not to edgy but dark enough to be myself.  Bingo :D

Me at the pub with coworkers. I tried to look as simple as I could. I only chose to wear my Alchemy Gothic necklace. But I think I still look good :D 

Me in the center. Give me a puffy skirt and here you have a Gothic Lolita :D I love how... hmm dignified I look :D It was a poetry book presentation. I dressed just dark enough, but I had no mood for heaver stuff. I even was wearing a black denim pants. I'm not a fan of trousers. I have only black denim trouser - the main trousers, red zebra trousers I don't were, but they look so nice I can't sell it. And  black trousers made to look more alternative by adding buckles on them. I love skirts, since I love hosiery and  long boots. Baaah... Must resist not to go back to black hair color....


  1. Actually..I think you look good on all the photos.
    But I get what you mean anyway. ^^

  2. I agree with Lesthi- you look just beautiful. You're just being too hard on yourself.

    And I am so stoked that you're a goth blogger from Lietuva! My great-grandparents were from there and my last name is very Lithuanian- I visited your country for a week last August. Wonderful place!

  3. I know what you mean. Sometimes I think I look fab, then I see a photo and I'm think - yeesh that's not good. I think youlook lovely in all of your though.


  4. Lesthi, thank you. I know that we all usually find ouself looking worse that others see us :)

    Clementine, thats nice to hear. Well you shoul try and visit us in autumn. I find it the most beautiful then.

    Ms. Lou, thanks you too. Yes yes, you know the feeling :)