Alchemy Gothic Sacred Heart

I finally had a chance to get another beauty made by Alchemy Gothic. I bought it second handed, but it's still in a perfect condition so you wouldn't guess it's not directly from the store :) I wrote to the seller the same minute I sow it. I had no doubts that I want it. No, not want it. I desire it :D And so now I'm an owner of a Sacred heart :)

Isn't it a beauty. I just love it. It's more gorgeous in reality ;)

 The red color is actually bright as blood :) My camera was probably jealous and stole the redness :D The roses carves are really detailed. The piece itself is simple but so elegant and has that enchantment that all Alchemy Gothic creations do. It has black ribbons that gives the soft look and is more suitable for this pendant then a chain.

 How do I look? Oh, I love it. It makes me want for more of Alchemy beauties :) It's an addiction :D 

Don't mind the kitty ears. As my bf said " you wear them so I could not be angry on you for anything". And I said "Nya" :D

P.S.  My hair have almost grown back as it was before I cut them :D


  1. Gorgeous necklace!! I love it. I must check the second hand sites myself :)

  2. It looks gorgeous on you! I've never looked at any Alchemy Gothic items, but I'll have to rethink that now. Damn you for making me like this!

    Too bad we can't see the full blood red color in all its glory.