Dolls: BJD choosing the right one II

You have no idea how much ball joined dolls I have seen lately. Of course, most of them (the bigger part) was just photos of bjd. But wow... The conclusion that I came with is... There is no bad looking dolls. It's how they are made to look. You can find a pic of the doll on the seller looking not very impressive and an amazing photo of her in DeviantArt. Some dolls look better with very heavy make up, and others look gorgeous with just a little shading... Some need to have a long lashes and some are better with only painted ones.
After lurking in DeviantArt, Google, all the seller pages, Flickr and so one. I finally decided. Awww. I feel almost like pregnant, because I already want to make clothes for my future beauty - Senior Delf Abadon.

Here he is in other roles....

source by Kinomi

 source by Kinomi

source by Kall-su

source by Whipogard

Yes, this is the same doll :) And I love it. I've started a money saving program and hope to order him soon. I's so exited :P 


  1. This is a fantastic post. Also, I hope my hair looks as good as the first photo as the white strands begin to appear, even if it is a doll!

  2. Ou, thank you :) I'm glad you liked it :P The silver hair wig he has looks amazing :)