Sunbathing... in a goth way

I had a free day last Friday, so we (I, my friend, and  boyfriend) decided to go and have some fun by the lake. The weather was cool but warm enough for as to swim. It's the last days if summer so we try to spend them doing all fun that can be only aloud in summer. Sunbathing is one of them... So just don't laugh. This is how we do it. 
We were just after a good swim and were pleasantly exhausted. The summer breeze was so  nice and soft... And then, just lying like that, while everybody was in a swim suit it hit me... Come on, we are doing it in a goth way.  We WERE enjoying the sun. Really.

Just enjoying it..
 The idea comes to me...and we lough about it. What a cliche:D

 Posing posing... 

 We rocked that day. Mmmm... I'd love to have a summer house by the lake. Maybe I will in the future :)

P.S. New cozy is already on  Etsy.

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