New projects and one unfinished beauty

So this is my unfinished beauty - for make up keeping gothically and beautifully :)
There are some details to be add and it will be finished soon.

 I have one in my bathroom already. Since I enjoy using it so much, I decided to make one for Etsy too :)

More photos here.
 This is mine. It looks good, looks fun and is really cute not to mention useful :)

And about the new stuff... Here is some phone charms I made. Inspiration came from lilies. They are such a beautiful and pure flowers.
You can find more pics on my Etsy shop.

Three white lilies and clear and white glass beads. 

Lillie with white leafs and a silver feather on the end of the charm.

I have just the same phone charm. Black lilies with blood red glass beads. I love how it dangles around.

I would like to hear your opinion about the charms and make up keeper of course :)


  1. The phone charms look fantastic!

  2. Thanks :)I was making lilies for my friend Ball jointed doll and the idea of phone charms just poped into my mind :)