Crazzy cupcakes

Some days ago I have spotted these bad ass cupcakes, that looked really wicked. They were grean tea cupcakes. And who could know that the powdered green tea would give them such an amazing color. I saw them on Cut out and keep. The ones I loved the most were by Pixie Havoc.

Photo by Pixie.
The idea to add color to the frosting is great itself. So, the same minute I saw them, I thought "Halloween" :) It's never to late to pripear for one. And I never had a real Halloween party since it's a foreign celebration and it's not verry popular in here... But this year I want to bake some spooky food, so these green beauties would be a perfect zombie cupcakes. I'm thinking about adding some sugar bones and skulls to them. Some stiches or painted sugar eye balls :D

I'm making some of those greenies soon. Just to try them;)


  1. I love spooky food. This year, I want to make me some for school lunch :D Could be fun :D

  2. Wow! Those don't look too pretty, but I bet they are delicious! I love anything made with green tea. Sugar skulls would dress them up nicely!

  3. Those look really delicious. The green color doesn't even bother me I think they look yummy. I love the sugar skulls and bones idea, I would probably add black frosting to make them look like mini Frankensteins though.

  4. The black frosting would be perfect for bloody red ones. I wonder, how can I get that color with natural coloring. I don't like those synthetic food colors :(((