Autumn and new projects

What a wonderful day it is!!!!! My precious sewing machine has been finally fixed :D It's a joyful day for me and for all those projects I've been keeping in my note book. There is so much things I need to make like some new Gothic Lolita ties, some Victorian looking cuffs, a beautiful laced jabot, steam punk goggles and so on... :D :D I want more gracious laced stuff for my autumn look and a long black skirt. Mmmm...

                                                                 I want one like this :)

We are going to make some tea parties with my friend. Just me, she and her beautiful BJD :) I hope the weather will be good for us:P

                                                     I must make a beautiful top hat for it :P

And to make a tiered plate for cup cakes :)

I just love love LOOVE autumn. It makes me go wild and the best thing that after a long period of time I'll great him with a red colored hair again. We both we'll be burning in passion red while the nature will be preparing for her long deep sleep. Owww... :)
And of course, it all will be featured in here. So keep coming :)

Gothically yours.....
                  The Countess


  1. If you find a jabot like that for a good price, make sure to let us know, because I would love one like that too. <aybe I should just find a tutorial to make one though. I'm cheap. :)

  2. Well, I'm not buying it. I'm making. I just need to find fabrick and laces. But that will be only on fryday, since i have to work till then. I want to make one black and one white jabot. i will defiantly show you my result;)