Day outfit and brands

I thought that I haven't posted an outfit post for a while. It's just I have no time between work and my free time to take photos of how I look. I might sound strange, but its true. And my mobile phone is not good enough to use it as a camera...  However I found some time before going to work. I almost got late because of it :D So this is my casual look before work. I must wear an uniform at work and no heavy make up. But I usually bring my black eye line to work to pimp my look after work before going home...

The top I'm wearing is from "Punk Rave". And I love it.
  The bag is from second hand shop, but it was absolutely new. It costed 6 dollars.

 It's perfect for every day. It's big, black and has a studs and skull :D I hate ordinary bags. i carry this one even if I look absolutely plane. That happens sometimes...
 I like the collar it has. It's big, warm and makes me look like some kind of industrial punk queen.

Well, I know that there are a lot of talks if you should by a branded stuff or not. If the garment is good and the price is suitable for me why not?? Of course there is a chance that you'll meet someone wearing it too... :) I don't vote for look created only by using branded stuff since it has no individuality in it. And individuality is a big thing for me when I choose how to look. But hey, one or two good branded peaces in your closet won't do you any harm... ;) Just were that with smart and don't show all you closet on one going out :) I usually don't find it attractive when younger goths puts everything they got on them don't even bothering to find some aesthetic in the way they wear clothes. 
And for me... I'm totally DIY person. :D And I only buy things, I can't make myself :D


  1. very nice outfit! I love the bag. I don't like purses or bags or anything either, but if I had a bag like that I would use it. Nice deal, too- only six dollars! *is jealous* :P

  2. I definitely catch your drift. First off, I love the photos. It's sad when people only post one or two photos when it comes to an outfit post (although I myself am guilty of this). I love my DIY clothing and I'm not one to care for brands. But really: if it's a decent price and it works, then knock yourself out! :-)

  3. I love the bag and the jacket! I agree, it's fine to have a few branded pieces in your wardrobe.

  4. It suits you great. I love it. :) The bag is great. In second hand shop can be find many great things. :)
    *and loves the Punk Rave stuff since a couple of years :D* :D

  5. Yes, I know. I go to them like to a some kind of hunt :D I'm a stuff hunter :D