Summer passing by

The last month of summer... Thought autumn is my favorite season, I still feel bad about summer coming to an end. We still can manage to have some fun, I guess.  I'm trying to find a new job, since I can't stand the old one any more. I'll be working at some fancy lingerie shop at the end of the month If I get lucky. I want that job so bad. Not to mention the salary would be almost twice bigger :P 

During my vacations I stayed at my dad's house for almost a week. Our black oriental cat Ozzy has managed to sneak outside and get into fight with local cats. It's good that he's castrated or else there would be a lot of big eared kittens at the end of the summer. I'm not so happy about him going outside. Hell know what bad things can happen to a wondering domestic cat. Especially when he has such an exotic look.

This is little Ozzy playing around. Now he's a big cat :D But non less gorgeous;)uff

and some fun stuff...
 Have you ever seen a cactus like that :D I did. At a pub I didn't remember now. But I manage to get a photo :D I guess it's a cactumber :D 

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