Who flatten that little girl??

That flatten little girl is a new book mark of mine. I just love it. I was inspired by Zombiella x. book mark project on Cut out and keep. You can find tutorial there.

 I decided that mine stockings patern will be dots. I wanted to keep red Lolita shoes, but I didn't wanted it to look the same as the original project. I like how the pattern came

 It looks fun :)

Poor little girl :)

It can be a perfect photo holder too :) Try this project :) It doesn't take a lot of time but the result will satisfy you every time you'll be making a break while reading ;)


  1. How cute :D :D Maybe I will try it too :D

  2. That's a really good idea, and it seems like something that would freak out/confuse some of my teachers or classmates. I'll have to play with that at some point ..

  3. Awe. SOME. I have to try that one day.

  4. I love those legs to. I want to make one with boot :) I just need to figure how :D