Bad things and sunny days

Not mine, but still.... Owner of this demon is here.
Something is wrong with my sewing machine. It won't work. I think it's angry on me for not treating it right. And I was a very bad owner.... :((  I still am. So today is a day withouts sewing. How sad. I think I'll go and play with polymer clay. But before that I have to get out and enjoy the sunny day. Yes, I enjoy sunny days. Not too sunny of course, but this one is a perfect sunny spring day. The sky is clear and I hope it's warm outside. I'm tired of my big winter coat. It's a 42 size coat and I wear 36 size !!!! I bought it last winter when I was size 40. I looked well than, but no I feel that another me could fit in :D. And when you get thin you usually want everybody to see it. And wearing an undersized coat doesn't make it right. Oh well. If it's warm I can wear my leather jacket which I have since when I was 14. I love it. It still looks good. This jacket marks a start of changes in my life. It was a time when I started to question this world. I felt growing anger and fear of who I am, and what for  I am... Well, you know this period;)
So I came back from outside. Yes it was sunny and I had some take out coffee with friends during their lunch break.  I had a day off so it was the best way to get outside and have a little chat. Now I'm home again 
I'm taking my sewing machine to a "doctor". I hope he will fix it....

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