Coffin case

This morning was quite productive. I performed a number of activities ... mandatory or optional:) A began to sew and made this lovely tray with the bat application.  I see bats everywhere lately:)

This tray is quite easy to make.
Just take two coffin shaped scraps of leather. Sew the desired application on the one that will be a front peaceThen cut a strip of a length to cover both sides and the bottom of the little coffins. Make a loops at the ends and then tape the strip of leather between the two coffin shaped scraps. Sew it like you would sew a bag. It's just that this one has a shape of a coffin :D

I hang my coffin case in the bathroom and keep cotton buds there. I very much disliked to keep them in their box because there is no place to where to put it, and now I just can hung them on  coils or on the towel hook:) It's such a cute accent:) 

Now I'm planing to make a cosmetic organizer, because all my cosmetic is scattered in the bathroom.  I have a perfect red striped material and  the vision of a tray with a bat application with little pockets for eyeshadow, brushes and so on.....

Oh, I can not wait to be able to begin this project. If only I wouldn't have to work.... ...

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