Goth box (rocks)

I just love coffin bags. Not only bags, but  purses, cases and all other coffin shaped things. The first one I ever sow was the back pack of a Buffy's friend werewolf .

He is a guy in the photo.

It looked like this...
I could not find a picture from a movie :) I loved it then. But at that time there was no chances to get it in Lithuania. I got mine after 10 years too. It looks like this, but the cross and side lines are red.
And oh I love it, but I still want more....

I found this one on Dark Star stuff list.
It's just perfect..
I even tried to make one myself, since I found the original too expencive :(
It turned ok. But I still want more
I even made myself a little coffin case...
...a coffin cell charm

...a coffin ring.

...and earrings that belongs to a happy customer:)

But there still are things I want. Like this coffin decorated with a bat. 

I love the bat on it :) It looks simple but cute. There is a version on Demonia too, but  I like this one more. 

So if you want, you can make your own coffin by watching this tutorial: part.1 and part.2
Have fun ;) 


  1. I would love that coffin ring :) and do you mind if I link you in my blog? There's not enough Goth blogs ou there.

  2. :) of course I don't mind :)Thanks for leaving a comment and I'm glad you like the ring. If it's all gonna work as I planed, I'll have some on Etsy too :)

  3. That self-made coffin purse is AWESOME!!! I wanna be that crafty too to make myself one:) And yes i am also a huge coffin-lover:P

  4. Thanks :) I like it to. I made it in one day since I wanted one very much.