Vamp attack

Oh no, I was bitten by a vampire!!! I guess the full moon is to be blamed for this.

This week it's only bats and vampires who are on my mind :) I can't do my work properly because of this... I'm contemplating new projects all the time and can't wait to go home to make them real :)
Oh, what a week... But I'm really happy with this "Bite me" choker :) It looks nice and cool I would say...

And by the way, here is the new crown I made.... I told you I wouldn't be satisfied with just one >:)
So here it is ... The everyday crown for world domination.

I made "blood drops" from polymer clay ... 
Quite bloody works I presented to you this time :D

P.S. It would be nice to get some comments, so don't be shy ;)

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