Bangs: what's your favorite?

I had changed my hair look during the summer. Now I've got bangs :D

Yes, yes...it's me. I love them but since then I keep thinking what are the ideal bangs ???

 personally like these "V" bangs

Mmmm... These one are just perfect too :)

But I'm not sure if they would fit me :/  But I think that bangs grown quite fast so I will start experiment when the spring comes :) The real one. It will be a perfect opportunity to celebrate :D

I could not stand straight bangs since childhood. I had a terrible memories about them, so it really surprised me when the barber offered to make them straight and not notched, as I wanted at first. I was satisfied with the outcome,especially since I became like a character from the anime XXXHolic: P

By the way, she as a great hair cut. I like those longer  hairs on both sides.... 

I also was reading  "Bride of the water God" manga 
So the change of my look more into these heroins made me quite happy.

Some other variations that I found attractive...
Simple, strong and...perfect.

Looking at these beautiful white bangs I don't really know if I want to shorten my...

Well, maybe only to make them look like in this pic.

But what abour asimetric bangs like these
or these

I actually like the whole hairdo :D
Oh decisions decisions...

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