Make up is what I need

From now on I'm going to improve my make up skills. A good make up is an important thing if you like fancy dresses and hairdos. I don't want to end looking like this woman... :( Some one should have told here... how bad she looks...

Not everybody can wear just black eye liner. It looks really funny sometimes. And I don't want to look funny at all. I want to looks scary... in a good way off course. So if you don't have a skills to use a black liner you can end like Pam.
Not a best job with a black liner...

And a black liner is not enough when you wear something really striking. Here's some examples, that I find really attractive and want to try...
Simple, black and beautiful ... Nothing very complicated, but really impressive. 

Super simple. Suitable for visiting a grandmother. But how good it looks:)

Something interesting to try. Link.

Adora BatBrat... Beautiful as always:)

An interesting example for cyber theme :)

And I love this one. So wicked :) :P
Here's some tutorials from youtube.com:
That's all for today. I hope you find something useful. I am trying to improve. Another tip. Do your makeup in daylight . Or at least check it in front of the window before going out, or you my find that it's not as black as you thought ;)

I used a sticky tape for this one :)

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