Do it yourself... A hair bow

To make a hair bow is really easy. I sometimes make them in a blink of an eye. If I feel that I need one I just go to my crafting table and after a five min I have one :).  I always  have a simple black headband at hand and and all I need to do is to make a nice ribbon to attach to it :)

  Here's a simple tutorial. Just imagine a wider  black ribbon. Hot glue comes in handy when you need to decorate things. You can find it in any craft store. You can glue with it on the center of a ribbon anything you want. A bat, a skull or a heart. 

I just love big Lolita style bows with laces, just like   here

I make them in a very similar way :)
I also found a tutorial how to make a cute Gothic hair bow and a Lolita bow.

And those are my works:)

The first ones...

 You can see a progress :)


  1. Hi, dont know if you will see this comment or not since the post was posted quite a while ago. Just wondering where you got the dead kitty things for the hair bows?

    1. Well, I'm jewelry and accessories artist. And I started to create my owns details quite early. These "dead kitties" are sculpted and painted by me:)As well as all others things like fangs, skulls and bones you can see in this post.