Little black hat

I really like the mini top hats. A head accessory can perfectly complement the overall pictureUnfortunately, I often see young girls who have forgotten to make their hairdo:) I'm not talking about the hair bows, hair slides , or veils, but sometimes you get the feeling that if you twist their head and tighten it to the  any passer-by on the street, it will fit perfectly there. How can you put a nice dress, lace your shoes and forget to arrange the hair ! And that's why we sometimes  have a Gothic bondage slut  with a virgin Lithuanian Christian head :D When you come to a goth party it feels like  a cosplay in witch  people participates in certain roles: P Oh .... Well, in this case you must not forget the  wigs too...

Here's a link how to make a nice mini top hat :)

also found an interesting project, that I will need to try . A hat - cup.

I'm going to find out how to make those :)

Some of my work :)

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