And I give my heart to you

I finally got my tattoo healed :D

I mostly feared that awoke the next morning, realizing  that I do not want it to be on my body :) But now it feels that it was there since my birth, no matter how strange it sounds. The entire job took about three hours, including preparation and breaks between contours, shading and finishing strokes. Then  I was anointed by the  ointment  and sent home to heal:) On the first day I could not sit normally because of the place of the tattoo. I had to use lying position:)

The most common question you would ask is "was in painful? " Now  I can answer it.
If a disaster of cutting wrists or other areas with razor it already know the feeling to you, then just add a vibration to it. Artist was drawing in short strokes, so the pain had no time to get real. So he was making  the outline, the real pain was not there. It appeared when he  started shading ... But still it was bearable:) I started to bite my fingers half an hour before the end. Then there was the hearts painting onto already irritated skin. The sill and the leather pillow felt my love that time since I was squeezing them.  Then I decided that three hours is my limit for the session. While it might be seen that almost everything has been finalized, it  somehow psychologically triggers you  and leads to becoming less resistant to the needle flattery:The last white strokes were  followed by the real pain. I even tried not to breath. And when it all was over I was in seventh heaven.

I'm super happy now. The pain is gone, everything has healed, the skin has came off, and only my pretty tattoo is left  :D  I still don't know what I want to put an that white ribbon... But I hope it will come to my mind soon. I left an empty space for a phrase or a date :).

Gothically your...

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