Post day

Today had to be the day of my working material arrival... But it was not!!!! I checked the ordering info, and find out that my package has been marked as "could not be delivered". And there was no note from post office in my post box. How could that be??? I've had already planed my day and work schedule and here I couldn't star anything since I had no material :((( I was angry and decided to go to post office and to claim my package.
I had a day off so that's means a day I can dress properly :D Woohoo!

I love my Insomnia vest from "Punk Rave". It always add the spark to outfit.
Nothing special with hair... It's windy outside.

So, I went to a post office and got my stuff. I asked if there is a  new postman or what since the old one did his job perfectly and I always got my packages on time. I was told that he has an all district in his attendance now. He used to have a half of it but they have closed
the post office near me and left only one for all district. 
So there is much more work for him now. 
And I don't think they are paying more to him :(

Well, at lest I  have my material now :)

Wait for new creations ;)


  1. Cute outfit! I especially love the boots. And your hair is so cool, even when you say it's "nothing special." :)


  2. Thank you:> I'm very glad you like it. Well I usually wear some kind of hairdo. But I love my hair color :) It's red with black ends. Well, you know sometime you think of yourself worse than other do :P So I'll enjoy this compliment for my hair ;)