Outfit for a day and memories of super fun weekend

Well, I don't know if it raelly fits Red and Black week, but I really wanted to post this outfit. That's how I went to work today. It's a Hell outside and this "wrap around" cotton skirt was bought exactly for this kind of weather :) I do like how I look :) A little bit rockabilly but still dark :P :)

 My hair has now  a perfect harmony with the black ends and lots of people think that I color my hair in two colors intentionally. But as you know, I'm just getting rid of black color by coloring  my hair red every time they grown back :)

I bought the platform shoes last year. They are really comfortable and has a black and red strips on the platforms.

 I'm wearing a red sleeveless shirt under the black one, since it got a really big decolte. The top shirt has puffy sleeves. I also sewed a tattoo like roses print, that I cot from an old shirt.

I like my dangling earrings. They are bloody red and looks great with a laced shirt too :)


We participated in an event "Kutvelos" that  doesn't translate to any other language, but the main thing is that people of alternative scene come to watch  football matches, that are played by others (mainly man) of alternative scene. So lots of metal-heads and so on. Some even comes with children and their pets. So while ones are playing others drink bear, have a barbecue and do other fun stuff while watching them. The event takes place near a small village and lasts for all day. Usually people come in the evening before the event and stays all night or even two. You can call it some kind of camping too. Well, we forgot to take our tent with us and had to sleep in a car. The night was super cold. But we survived it :D And I found out that I can be very flexible XD Our car is not so big ;P
So less talk, more photos :D!!!!


 Lets play football!

 One team chilling and watching others playing.

 There was a girls team too :) I like their T-shirts :D

 Me and my friends chilling in a shadow.


We had a really good time and I had a chance to swim in a river near by :) The summer season is open!!!!!


  1. Intentional or not, I love the red/black combination in your hair. That event sounds fun. ^^

  2. That outfit totally fits Red & Black Week. In fact, you could almost get by just with your hair colors. ;-D Great earrings, too!!

    Sophistique Noir - It's Red & Black Week!

  3. Oh I love those earrings, they're awesome! Your outfit is amazing :)

  4. Your outfit is so cute-and a plaid wrap skirt is genius! I love plaid schoolgirl skirts, don't get me wrong, but it's nice to see the fabric used in a different way. J'tadore the whole thing!

  5. I love the hair combo too. And you rock the plaid skirt. Great outfit.

  6. Oh, thanks :P I olmost sold this skirt before summer. I'm glad I havn't done that mistake.

    Red color is perfect if you want to rid of black one. I loved my black color too, but I just get bored with it. Especialy in autumn. Black /red is the best kombination. :)

  7. I love your outfit and your hair! It all matches perfectly! The Kutvelos weekend sounds like a lot of fun...too bad they don't have anything like that here.

  8. I love your hair too! And your shirt and skirt look so good together.