Drive angry and bad guys

This Sunday we had a "Good bye" party with our friend who are leaving to Manchester to live and work there since the situation is LT is not so good for young people. 

So we decided to watch  "Drive angry" while drinking bear. I haven't heard anything about this movie, but since it was Nicolas Cage, who played the main part in it, I said OK. I loved such movies as "Birdy", "Face Off" and "City of Angels". And the name of the movie promised some car chasing or raising or at least some ruff driving so my bf wanted to see it to (all men are obsessed with cars, I say). And we really watched it.  Usually movies that are watched by us while drinking bear and chatting are just for the background. But we drank bear and watched it laughing from some scenes, screaming and so on :)
It was really a nice movie so I was very surprised how many negative comments there was under the trailer....
It was fun. I wasn't such a serious movie as "Birdy" but I think those who has time to leave nasty comments don't watch "good" movies. So why do they complain???
I liked the main hero John Milton ( you can know the other John Milton - author of Paradise Lost ). I always liked when Cage was playing a crazy, bad ass guys like in "Face Off" ( till he gets the good guy face) 

There was a lot of beating and car chasing but I just loved the "Devil's Accountant" who was played by William Fichtner.

Are you lucky tonight???

 That cold elegance wearing a suit while chasing Cage!!!! Mmmm :) (  I love Christopher Walker for the same reason ). And I loved the episode where he is falling from the bridge in a car and smiles lightly while falling. Well, you can't be kill so easily when you serve for the Lucifer  :D

The main villain is played by Billy Burke who is also the daddy of the main heroin in Twilight. But he looked quite hot it this role. Except the fact that he wanted to sacrifice a baby and was carrying a bone of his killed victim all the time :(

Not so bad?? ;) Just throw away that bone.

I didn't watched it in 3D. I DON'T like 3D that much...  But our tv handled it quite good. There is some sarcastic scenes you should see and all scenes with the Accountant :P
The plot might be lame but the situations are really fun to watch. 
:) So give it a try :)
P.S. I didn't mention a blonde girl who finds her  BF in a bed with other chick and beats up her  AND the boyfriend. But she is ok too. She's not a silly sexy blond doll. She's a hard blond :D Hard enough to get with Cage and beat up the evil one to :D 

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