Goth commercials

One day I was just dreaming  how wonderful it would be if my appearance was accepted as any other look. That people would't stare, poke or do any other unpleasant stuff. I know, that some would say "then dress like all common people" or some thing like that. But I love my black laced dresses, my boots, my leather corsets and heavy make up. I don't shout ugly things when I see a girls with a super heavy tan or a man wearing a sport suit or any other stuff I would not wear. I leave it to them and don't allege them how to look or act... So why do other people think that their opinion is so important that I must know it. I think it's fun that we all are different. That there are different stiles, opinions, ways of living and so on. World would be boring if we all would look and act the same. 
You can't see much Gothic stuff in every day life but I remembered some  commercials that used goth image. 

This is the one I love the most :) Lovely.

This one is super funny :D

I like this one. We can have fun time too :D
Heineken commercial.

This one a little bit a clichéd, but still fun. It makes me remember how someone asked us do we ever cry? That was their way to start a conversation with us... I said "Yes, we cry, we laugh, we are are human beings after all" It almost turned into a real fight because my boyfriend told them to f...k off. But we managed to keep it on words fight only :D I got some adrenalin then :D So yes we do laugh and cry ;) 

Speaking about difference...

Well I don't need that stuff to act like that :D But I love that surfing board. And common!! We can have fun at the beach. :D

So rise your heads up and lets dominate the world!!!! :D


  1. Haha, great videos! :) I was laughing so much when watching these.

  2. Yeah the same here, no need any stuff to act like an idiot, and loving it! being 30 and a mother and goth and still:P

  3. Oh no :( I just literally wrote this! Boooooo you got there first.

  4. We are all brothers and sisters in this:):)

  5. Where do you live? People here don't say much and have more respect for eachother. I think that's just pathetic that older people have the balls to belittle you.

  6. HAhaha! I looved these commercials, they were all really funny. I agree though, I don't think we need any of that stuff to enjoy ourselves :)