Outfit for a day

It was cold that day, so I had my sweeter on. As you see, I have a new hair cut. Well, I just cut my bangs and made them shorter. Maybe to short for me... :) Well, it will be longer after few weeks so that's OK :) 

My boyfriend promised to buy me a tripod. I'm tired of putting my camera on sofa and praying that it wouldn't' drop down on the floor :D You can see a little photo camera pendant. I ordered it on Ebay and I love it :)  It's so cute :3

What do you think of my bangs?
The summer is already here. It's getting hot. But we still have some rainy days. I like it when it rains. I'm one of those persons who don't like to show much skin :P Oh, but when the heat strikes I just have no other options. I got some nice clothes for summer and I'm posting some of them soon. 


  1. I think the bangs suit you really well. :D

  2. I like your new bangs! They accent your face and really bring out your features. They cover your face when you have them longer, and eyes like those should be shown! <3!

  3. Your bangs are really cute, they suit you. I love your hair color as well.

  4. I think the bangs suit you really well.

  5. Thank you ladies for all those kind words :) I feel better now :)
    I made the hair bow myself, it took 2 minutes and no glues or sewing. I'll put a tutorial soon. ;)

  6. That putting the camera on the sofa reminds me of myself haha It dropped two times too :/ Thank goodness it's ok. I love your bangs btw :D <3


  7. thanks :P
    I hope I won't drop it ever, because I would be murdered brutally for that lol :D