Practice makes it perfect. Some tips for you.

The same day I started this blog I also decided that I'll give much more attention to my make up.  I  was really crappy at it then. And I think I'm so much better today :D At least I like it. I started to use eye liner and it gave much more dramatic look to the eyes. I was afraid to use it before because I thought that it's very complicated to apply it right and I didn't wanted to look like a clown :P But now I'm really confidence in myself.

Here's my todays make up. Of course it's an every day make up. I put much more details when I'm going our for  the evening ;)

I'm in love with dots lately. I just love to add them here and there. It gives a little bit unusual look :P


I've found an easy way to make a quick dark eye look. I use a cotton pad for pattern. I cut it side in oval shape, then add it to my eye and start applying the shadows. 

Just put your shadow on and don't be afraid, the line will be nice and clear.

Put the pad like shown and paint your bottom eye lid. From now on there will be no crumbs of black shadows on your cheeks :)

If you are not sure about your abilities to cover the top lid, use a cotton pad pattern too. The edges will be clear and symmetric. 

Want that Cleo look??
You know..Egyptian eyes :)

Put a napkin at the bottom eye lid ....

...and put your eye shadows with a brush along the napkin toward your ear. 

The more you brush, the heaver line will be ;) You can make it as long as you want.

It's supper quick and looks really good. I always had problems painting my eyes symmetric. I have a witch mark on my eyelid and it always gets in a way making heavy make up :D And with cotton pads there is no need of drawing lines all you have to do is shade and add extra lines after it. You can experiment with it too...

So give a try and leave me a comment if it was useful. Or maybe you are already using such thing :)


  1. You have such beautiful eyes, I want them!

    That's a really good idea using the napkin or cotton pad, I always get eyeshadow dust on my cheeks and it sucks to wipe off.

  2. Beautiful blue eyes! Love the shapes you made, good idea :)

  3. Thanks for the tips, they sound very usefull :)