Black is back

This is the period when I want to dive into black color from tips to toes. Usually I dye my hair black at this period again... But I'll try to resist it this time... I'll go for a non - permanent black if I'll need ;) I wanted be red hair again for so long, but I just always ended coloring my hair black. I'll hope I won't fail this time.

Young Countess playing with the camera  (an old Zenit) ..18.. and black

..25... still black and still likes to play 

Halloween party ..26... Black. How else can it be???

...27.... oh, my black hair... 

and I'm meeting my 28 being half red, half black 

I'm of to work in black tomorrow. The only red things will be my nails and my hair.
...and for the desert :)

Mua ;)

1 comment:

  1. You have so many awesome old photos! :) I love the red color in your hair. It really is a refreshing change from the usual Goth Black. Black is just so easy, it's hard to resist!!