A red lipstick on your black soul

The finale!!!

An old photo of mine. And I think it suits the theme perfectly :)

 A Lolita crown I made. 

"Bite me" choker

And a pair of red and black bat wings/ coffin earrings. An old work of mine :)

I do can say the red and black is my favorite combination of colors :)
And thanks Victorian Kitty for  this fun week :)


  1. A gorgeous collection of red & black photos! I love your hand-made pieces, and that make-up look in the first photo is stunning!

    So glad you enjoyed Red & Black Week. Thank you for taking part in it!! :) I really enjoyed your contributions.

    Sophistique Noir - Red & Black Week Grand Finale!

  2. Ooooh, your photo is so cute-it's very Emilie Autumn! And I simply adore the choker, it is very pretty and a neat, unique take on vampire chic!

  3. I love the crown that you made.