Look into my eyes

What can I give you this Friday evening? Well, some photos of my make up....

And some work of mine newly posted on Etsy.

And old ones.... Those are sold or given away as gifts.


  1. Your make-up is beautiful! It mkaes your eyes look so lovely :) And I love all those pins/broaches, they're beautiful, especially those 2 last ones :)
    -Kelli <3

  2. How are you so pretty?

    I like your makeup. I agree with GlumPlum, it does make your eyes look really nice. I was wondering, are they actually blue or are they grey/blue/whatever? I also like the gems.

  3. Glum Plum, I'm glad you like it since you are really good at it not to mention creativity :)

    Ashlee, I always say to myself that I am pretty. That helps a lot. And I always smile at my reflection in a mirror, for I believe mirrors transmits emotions back to you ;)
    My eyes are actually grey/blue... But lately I've noticed that they are becoming more blue :P ...