Korp Goth....I guess

Good news! After being unemployed for some time I finally went to a job interview!!! And nailed it!!! How else could it be. I tried my best to look presentable with the wardrobe I have at home. And the new red ornamented summer/spring coat I got just added poshness to my looks :D I already had experience in the sphere and good recommendations.

I'm so happy!!! The working hours are superb and it's only 15 minutes away from my home (on foot) :D

The other more sad news are that Nyphadora got stuck in window while we were away. Trying to escape she damage her leg quite a lot. Apparently half opened windows are terrible dangerous for a cat and ours was very lucky to get out with just a wound. It's healing and she has to wear that satellite thing again. Poor thing. It would have never crossed my mind. I guess she was chasing a beetle and her leg got cough. As any animal that is trapped, she began to struggle in panic to free her pawn and that caused a major wound on her upper joint.

She still runs and jumps on table like mad. If I got a wound like that I would be fainting every time I see it not to mention  I would not be able to move. She got lucky, we got lucky. Read about the dangers of half opened windows here if you are not familiar with it. It can save your cats life.

Sorry for the massive photo editing. I just laid my hands on new program and got to carried away :p

Gothically yours,

Extra happy Countess


  1. Congratulations on your job interview! You look terribly employable. But I am in love with the coat- it is a gorgeous color and design and so unusual for a summer/spring mix. I would have guessed winter just by looking at it.

    I hope you cat feels better. It is a good tip about leaving windows open and cats unaccompanied. Thank you for showing, but I'm sorry you had to learn with such a painful lesson.

  2. thanks. The coat is really thin. I think it will work for the beginning of the autumn too.
    And for my cat... I'm glad it's still alive and nor crippled.

  3. I'm glad your kitty is OK, they seem to be remarkably resilient after injury don't they? My friend's cat got into the cupboard when he was a kitten and ate a dish-washing tablet- it burned his throat so he had to stay at the vets for a week on a drip, but he loves going to the vets still! I'm going to remind all the cat owners I know about the dangers of windows.

    Congratulations about your new job! I love your outfit too =] Especially the striped jacket! Where is that from? I've been looking everywhere for something similar!

    1. I found the jacked on a second hand shop. It's Hippocampe, made in France. I like those stripes a lot :)

  4. That coat is amazing! Huge jealousy there!

    Oh no! I felt faint when I heard the cat got stuck in a window! So glad she is ok! I guess animals are always trying to squish through things aren't they! Poor thing, I hope she gets better quickly!

    1. Thanks.
      Yes, I remember thinking once about it but decided the crack was to small to be a danger. But I was wrong.