Deadly cherries: Goth Rosary

I find myself very fond of rosaries. I think they are lovely idea, creation, a tool for a prayer. The are many rosaries or prayer beads as they are cold as well. I usually end up not wearing them since they associates with religion to much and something inside keeps me away from wearing them as simple jewelry. But I still find the composition very beautiful. That's why I created my own rosaries. They are jewelry that was inspired by rosaries and are non less lovely.

You can find them at my shop  Deadly Cherries on Etsy ;)

"Old Ones"

"The God of Blood"

I'm really happy how they look. They are perfect to compliment a simple black outfit when you want to enchant your self in black robes and have one but strong accent in your whole look...
... or add it to your other lovely pieces to create that lovely dangling mess of accessories ;)

Thanks for taking a look :)


  1. I don´t really like rosaries...I mean, they look great, but I wouldn´t wear them, because I´m not a christian...I don´t mind wearing crosses, I actually wear them a lot, but rosaries are something different. But yours here with the ankh are just perfect. ♥

  2. Great re-imaging of the rosary! They are beautiful~

  3. They look amazing! I love the first one ♥

  4. They look really good. Great idea with the ankh, I don't know why no-one's done that before.