Little secrets

This post was sitting in a draft post for  some time. I decided to at least share the video it had. I'm not ready for more honesty jet.

Lately I start to  notice how much we are brainwashed by commercials and society when it comes to a woman image. It's like a big program that is being constantly installed. Be sexy and attractive. Ant at the same moment they give the point of what sexy and attractive is. And I think we all unconsciously or not are following it. 
It is a good video. I recommend to watch it. And that is totally true. Some how we always think bad about our self. And it makes me sad when I know how fucking beautiful  people that are close to me are. And  I know that some of them does't feel like that. And sorry if you already saw it :)


Watch it ;) And let it sink :)


  1. That is true, the media tries really hard to make us conform to beauty standards, mostly to sell products by making us feel they will make us less ugly. I rarely watch live TV these days and when I do I get so frustrated by the advertising. I guess that is probably why I can see that they are doing this and it doesn't really affect me. I just wish I had less dry skin and things like that that can't really be fixed. And as for the media's idea of being sexy, that is just not me, and nothing can make me want to be like that.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is good to see more people being aware of it!

  2. I knew this video, it's heartbreaking how women are socialized to make pressures on their own bodies at the point that they see and exaggerate every single little flaw they have, or think they have. It's so hard for women not to hate their own appearance, when they're taught that their appearance is all that matters about them...

  3. I always have problems with how I look. I don't think I'm good looking and sometimes not even ok. I see the same in my stepdaughter how she feel uncomfortable when we give her compliments, that doesn't stop me because she needs to hear that she is pretty and a good person. Don't think I ever heard that from my mother.