Hands that dug the grave

I'm turning my boy's (my ball jointed doll)body into vampires body. The only thing I had to work was his hands. The rest of the body is still unchanged because I find blushing not such a nice thing because it's starts to chip off sooner or later and you must redo it time to time :( So I'm thinking on blushing just a chest, so I could take those half naked photos of my future vampire. Yes, this body will belong to other doll ( or head if you can say it).  I'm buying Haru ( my dolls name) a bigger body from Loongsoul (72 cm tall). I always pictured him at least 22 years old and with such big head on current body (63 cm tall)  he looks quite young. I was thinking about selling the old body but then it perfectly matched the head I got not so long ago and I decided to keep it. So My main goal is to get that new body for him so my Vampire could get his body :D

I thinking about getting him hands with long nails latter. But instead of buying, I'll try to modify these. But for now dark nails are enough. I wanted to look like he's digging himself out of his grave every night :D

HARU. Studying secrets of dark arts.
 Name  means spring in Japanese, because I got him in spring :)
He is and will continue being my demon - alchemist. So his new body will probably get long nailed hands to :>


  1. Oh, he's so beautiful! And he has such a great style <3 I love his boots. And you did a really nice job with his hands!

  2. I sometimes find (quite often) that my dolls has nicer clothes and style then me :D

  3. Love what you did with the nails! He's quite handsome ^^ He will make an amazing vampire!

  4. thanks, everything will stay the same, it will be just another head with more mature face features :)