Flower pot DIY when you need one but all you got are tin cans :)

I was making new area at my home and  spontaneously got some plants. But I had no flower pot for them. I tried to place them in mugs but it didn't looked right. There were few coffee cans at home and I decided to use them. Everything turned out quite nice and I'm planing to make a matching one for a smaller plant. There is a half fool corns can in a fringe that is waiting for its transformation. This is a really fast way to decorate your home with no expenses. You can change it after a time when you are bored of the look and what something new. . It looks nice, And I can change it the same way to another color or add more matching flower pots just by using cans from corns beans or anything else :) Here's a simple tutorial for you. 

 All you need is a can scissors, glue stick, packing tape (transparent) and some firm packing paper.

 Measure it so it would have enough height to cover the can. The length should be just enough to wrap it around plus  4 cm more.

 Glue one end with packing tape to the can.

 Than wrap it around, fold the edge in a little bit and glue it with glue stick.

Check you pattern. I managed to glue it upside down at first :D

 For decorating it I took a hand made cameo I had....

 ... passed a black ribbon through it and wrapped it around.


 I secured the back with the transparent tape, so the ribbons would not move.


Let me know if you'll use it :)


  1. Oh gosh how adorable! Love it! <3

  2. What a great idea! And such a nice tutorial, thank you!

  3. How cute! I will use it to storage my brushes.

  4. The tin can turned out so nice!
    Your cameos are so beautiful and well made, I hope you sell lots of them <3

  5. What a lovely idea. Where did you buy your packing paper? I love the design.