Photo shoot for the shop

The weather is perfect, cloudy and rainy! That's my summer!!! And there is no irony. I really like it. It's like warm autumn. I hope it will last till winter like that :D It kills me when it's hot.
So... not much news. Not much news I would want to share maybe. Sometimes I get all personal and these are the days when I think that we put to much of our personal life on the net. Never know what creep is fallowing you :)
Me and my friend who has a shop on Etsy decided to make a photo shoot. I was her model and she was mine. I think the result is not so bad since we both are noobs on modeling... It's one thing to make selfies and other to pose for someone :D So here's a set we made for my shop :)

The necklaces a a little bit longer in reality, but since she is a gifted girl we had to make them look a little  shorter ;)

My friend has a soutache accessories shop.  Soutache is a French word thought to have been first used in the mid 1800's. It comes from the Hungarian word sujtas, which means braid used for trimming. Another word for soutache is galloon, which is also French and comes from the 16th century. It is derived from gallonner and means to embellish or adorn with lace.The threads used to make a soutache come in many colors and are often made of natural fabrics such as silk and wool. Synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers such as rayon may also be used as well as metallic threads of silver or gold. As military styles go in and out of fashion, the decorative braids may be seen adorning jackets and coats as well as epaulets, fabric or metal trim sewn onto a garment's shoulders.

I tried to look neutral, since her jewelry is not in the Gothic category. Some photos are a little burned out. So here's some.

So tell me what do you think about this amateur photo shoot of ours :D 


  1. The pictures are great :) I really like the headband, its very mori girl.

  2. The necklaces are amazing! You should photo shoot more, the pictures are wonderful :)

  3. Oh how lovely! These are great photos.