Deadly Cherries present: Witch of the woods

"Enchanted deer maiden" is a section at my Etsy store that holds a bunch of head bands decorated with deer antlers and flowers,  ribbons and beads.
I was lost for a while in pastel colors of lavender and purple, since I like to use them in my work a lot. But finally the darkness called me back and a vision of a witch in a deep of the woods came to me.
I usually start creating from one detail, a symbol, a sign, an ornament... And then everything just wraps around itself. The symbol demand companions, companions demand followers and followers demand background. And I create it. I create it till there is a full picture of my vision. Till the vision unfolds itself to a full view.
So this time it began with a crest of a moon. A dark and magical moon. Covered in black with hints of a bloody red.

Then came the  light feathers to accompany the Goddess. Black and red for the woods are dark but full of life.

And little pearls for little rays of light that sometimes manage to reach the bottom of the woods. By miracle, by, chance, by struggle...

The crown of the witch, the halos of the forest dweller...

The with of the Woods needs no eye for she sees with her heart...

I change the material of the horns. I started using polymer clay instead of the air dry material. The horns now are much more durable and lighter at the same time. And I feel better knowing that they definitely will reach the buyer unharmed even if the post office workers will not give much care in handling it. I had a case when a girl got her package all ruined and wet with just the apology from post office for not being able to handle the package properly. And that was it. Nothing else just a pathetic excuse sticker on a ruined box.. 

Another thing I like is that I don't have to wait for 24 hours to start making a band. I make the horns, bake them, and I'm good to go. 24 hours no is just a merely hour :D And that is super nice. 

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Oh deer! ;)
    Your head bands are so lovely, and you put so much efforts in the details.

    1. Thank you :) I do love to take my time on them :)