Mini gardens for max satisfaction or paradise in a pot.

Winter... We had more snow on ester then on Christmas day... I hate how long it takes. I find myself crawling for some colors. Not on me, but around me. In the end of winter I always start to dream about garden and how wonderful it would be to have my own little green land, where I could grow all those spices I like like basil, dills, mint, oregano and so on.... Sometimes those projects lasts sometimes fails.
I've already wrote about moss terrariums I have created some time ago. I remember how fun it was.

You can check them again in here.

This time I found a new similar project - a miniature garden. Take a look at some of those beauties.

Link (it's in Russian, but I'm sure the translator will help )

Aren't they wonderful. I like to make things that requests all of my other skills. And I love making miniatures. of course some nice furniture of 1/12 scale can be find at shop but little mushrooms, statues and pots can be made using clay as well as little tombstones....

You can make a Gothic garden or a Victorian fairy paradise :D Doesn't it sound fun??? Here's an article about miniature gardens. Check it out. And I'm off to plan my own garden. Tell me what you thing about this idea and would you be interested in me making tutorials on  how to make some of the miniatures? Let me know;)

Gothically yours,

Countess Audronasha


  1. I love miniature gardens, and I'd love to see some tutorials, please! I have a bird bath that's just itching to become a little fairy garden. :o)